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If you are looking around the San Luis, AZ area for aftermarket shops for quality parts for your vehicles, look no further than to Javi’s Auto & Diesel Services LLC. We're sure to not only have everything you're looking for but greatly exceed your expectations too. That's because we offer the best automotive services and repairs in the local area. Whether you are looking for aftermarket parts, high-performance repairs, or qualified automobile mechanics and diagnostics. Our prices are competitive and we offer the best work and customer care in the entire area. Why go miles out of your way when the best services are right here in our local area? Whether you need engine work is done or an oil change service, we are the only automobile and diesel repair service in the area you’ll ever need. All our competitors pale beside us, and we stand head and shoulders above them all. But don’t take our word for it; why not check us out yourself and see all we have to offer? Our local service area includes Tacna, Fortuna Foothills, Somerton, and the greater San Luis, AX area. 

If you are in need of any vehicle service, no matter how big or small, you'll always get service with a smile at Javi’s Auto & Diesel Services LLC. Our friendly skilled staff is always ready to help you with whatever task you have for us. So, whether it’s an oil change service or metal fabricating, we can do the job for you. Be sure to ask how high customers rank is when the area’s aftermarket shops are ranked! 

We have the parts and the services you need, and we’re nearby. Whether you need a new part or roadside service, we have you covered. We're open six days a week. Monday through Friday, we’re open between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. On Saturday, we’re open between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm.